Dysphagia-friendly root beer float in a glass with a red straw

Root Beer Float

Enjoy a calorie- and calcium-rich dessert packed with flavor! Our Root Beer Float recipe uses Thick & Easy® Clear Food and Beverage Thickener and Magic Cup® Frozen Desserts with variations that meet IDDSI Level 2 (nectar) or 3 (honey) consistencies.

Thickened Fall Harvest punch on table with leaf

Thickened Fall Harvest Punch

Craving a fall cocktail? You’re in luck! Our Harvest Punch combines cranberry, apple and orange flavors with your favorite brandy or whiskey for a delicious seasonal drink. This recipe has two different options that can be customized to meet either IDDSI Level 2 or 3, and versions for those looking for a non-alcoholic “mocktail”.

Thickened Caramel Apple Hot Toddy

Spice your dysphagia diet up with this seasonal thickened cocktail! Using just 6 ingredients, this hot thickened drink includes all the flavors of fall and can be prepared in just minutes. Thick & Easy® Apple Juice and Thick & Easy® Clear Instant Food & Beverage Thickener help make this cocktail safe for those with swallowing difficulties. Versions available for both IDDSI Levels 2 & 3!