Unique nutrition for treatment and recovery

We’re crafting foods to provide the protein and calories you need to get through treatment or recovery, and that your taste buds will appreciate.

The Story of Hormel Vital Cuisine® Products

Most cancer patients are too tired to make a meal, or even shop for it. Yet the importance of good, consistent nutrition during cancer treatment can’t be overstated. Hormel Vital Cuisine products are a great way to get it.

Dr. Bruce Moskowitz

Physician, Board Member, Cancer Nutrition Consortium

We believe in making lives better through nutritious, enjoyable food. That’s been the Hormel Foods commitment since 1891. We’ve taken that commitment to a new level, helping patients get critical nourishment when eating isn’t easy. We’ve teamed up with the Cancer Nutrition Consortium (CNC) to create HORMEL VITAL CUISINE® brand products—a line of convenient, high-protein meals, shakes and whey powders. We’ve incorporated the vast dietary and culinary expertise of CNC’s top oncology nutritionists and master chefs into our products. While providing dense nutrition, HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ products taste great, and are specially crafted to be more easily consumed.

Part of Each Purchase Benefits the CNC

Whether you’re experiencing cancer treatment or caring for someone going through it, we’re with you in your treatment journey. We’ve developed HORMEL VITAL CUISINE® products to help you meet the challenges of treatment. And every time you make a purchase you’re helping others, too. Hormel Foods gives a portion of all HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ brand sales to the Cancer Nutrition Consortium. The CNC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve cancer patients’ quality of life by raising awareness about their experiences with food, taste and nutrition during cancer treatment.

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