Tasty, safe and easy-to-swallow for those with swallowing difficulties, featuring drinks, drink mixes, meals and meal kits.

A vitamin-fortified, high-protein solution in an easily consumed 2.5-ounce portion, HEALTHY SHOT® products enable those with poor appetites to quickly and easily get much-needed nutrients & protein with 100 calories per serving.

Delicious foods designed to keep you doing the things you love during treatment or recovery.

A versatile dessert that can be enjoyed frozen like ice cream, or as a pudding consistency when thawed. It’s like…miraculous.

MED PASS® Fortified Nutrition Shakes are a great way of adding dietary calories and protein, especially for medication pass programs. They come in multiple tasty varieties fortified with vitamins and minerals — and a reduced sugar version is available. And with resealable containers, they can help you reduce food waste and maintain cost efficiency.

The original food first intervention to combat unintended weight loss. MULTI MIX™ adds calories and proteins to foods while enhancing the flavor. This versatile option is great alternative to between meal supplements.

MightyShakes® products are great options for adding dietary calories and protein. They’re available in 4 or 6 servings with five tasty varieties. There are also reduced sugar options available. Simply thaw and serve, or chill and serve.

Simple solutions to add bold flavors to your menu applications, with the healthcare menu in mind. Our best-selling broths are available in sodium free options.

The CLIFFDALE FARMS™ brand is regarded as a pioneer in texture-modified meat, poultry and other food products for people with dysphagia, sodium-restricted and diabetic diets. In 2000, they were acquired by Hormel Health Labs, enabling us to bring their rich recipes, technical know-how and industry leadership to even more people.

A lactose-free and affordable method of adding protein and calories to your diet. Our soy-based formula comes in two tasty varieties; chocolate and vanilla

MENU MAGIC® Dietetic Condiments are an easy way to lighten up modified diets. Our high quality line of condiments are low in calories, fat and sodium. Each portion is packaged in easy to open, cups and pouches. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, we have the modified condiment to fit any need.