Drink What You Want–And Need

Added calories and protein, in multiple tasty varieties, fortified with vitamins and minerals. The perfect fit for medication pass programs.

Fortify Your Nutrition

MED PASS® 2.0 Fortified Nutritional Shakes provides a convenient way to supplement calories and protein. Designed to be used as a medication pass drink, MED PASS® products deliver more nutrition than water, juice or milk. This additional intake can mean weight maintenance or weight gain.

MED PASS® Reduced Sugar is a carbohydrate controlled formula suitable for glucose intolerant residents.


  • Volume restricted – provides 120 calories and 5g of protein in 2 oz.
  • Fortified with 18 to 19 vitamins and minerals
  • Available in nectar consistency (lDDSI Level Mildly Thick)
  • Shelf stable


  • Patients or residents enjoy the creamy rich flavor
  • Convenient on nursing carts
  • Consumption easily monitored by nursing
  • Eliminates waste associated with individual servings
  • Readily accepted by residents