4 BBQ recipes for dysphagia diets

4 Dysphagia-Friendly BBQ Recipes

Everyone loves a good BBQ dish, but it can be difficult for those challenged by dysphagia to find adequate meal options. We’re here to help with some BBQ recipes that meet a variety of IDDSI levels. Dig into all the sweet and savory flavors these recipes have to offer and spruce up your dysphagia diet!

Dysphagia-friendly sweet and sour chicken in a white bowl

Sweet & Sour Chicken

A tangy Asian staple—now safe for those with dysphagia! This easy-to-make meal features pureed pineapple and rice, along with our Thick & Easy® Level 5 Minced Chicken, to create a dish that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Dysphagia-friendly root beer float in a glass with a red straw

Root Beer Float

Enjoy a calorie- and calcium-rich dessert packed with flavor! Our Root Beer Float recipe uses Thick & Easy® Clear Food and Beverage Thickener and Magic Cup® Frozen Desserts with variations that meet IDDSI Level 2 (nectar) or 3 (honey) consistencies.