Add a little excitement to meal time.

With MAGIC CUP® as an ice cream or pudding!

Protein, Vitamins and Minerals As a Tasty Treat

The MAGIC CUP® Dessert is a unique nutritional frozen novelty designed to delight patients or residents with its creamy flavor. Magic Cup® products are ideal for dysphagia diets, appearing ice cream-like when frozen and IDDSI level 4 when served chilled as a pudding.

Available in several flavors, as well as no sugar added!


  • Suitable for dysphagia diets
  • Serve frozen as ice cream, or thaw for pudding!
  • 290 calories, 9 grams of protein, and 20 vitamins and minerals per 4 oz serving


  • Adds variety to supplement rotation
  • Serve at meals for added calories and protein
  • Ideal to serve with meals as a means of adding calories and protein for unintended weight loss