Homemade Taste, Simple Solutions, and Bold Flavors

Great as a savory hot beverage or for flavoring gravy, stews and soups.

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Home Cooked Taste And Bold Flavors

Known for its home-cooked taste and bold flavors, HERB-OX® products offer simple solutions to add flavor and appeal to your menu applications. Currently used in thousands of facilities, HERB-OX® Broth offers convenience, versatility and cost effectiveness. In addition to our best-selling broths, Hormel Health Labs offers a full line of soup bases, gravies and sauces which are reduced in sodium with the healthcare menu in mind. Whether they’re sipping our broths or spooning our gravies, you’ll be the only one who knows that it’s not homemade!

Used in thousands of facilities across the world, HERB-OX® products are more than just delicious solutions. They’re convenient, versatile and cost-effective products perfect for adding flavor and appeal to your menu applications.

A Leading Brand in Healthcare Meal Solutions

HERB-OX® broth packets are widely recognized as a leading brand of instant broth in healthcare. HERB-OX® products are a perfect option to provide additional hydration. Convenient single serve packets make a flavorful cup of broth.

Suitable for clear liquid diets, HERB-OX® products can be placed on the serving tray as it is delivered to the patient’s room. A functional dispenser carton also allows for nursing stations to keep HERB-OX® products on hand for use throughout the day.