Professional Training

We offer several resources to develop your professional understanding of modified texture food preparation and testing according to IDDSI standards.

  • IDDSI Competencies Training

    IDDSI Competencies Training

    A self-directed education series for professionals that develops and refines skills on multiple facets of the IDDSI diet.

    IDDSI Competencies Training
  • In-Service Training Series: IDDSI Testing

    This video series is designed to help in-service staff with the skills needed to understand and adopt effective testing and analysis of food and liquids according to the IDDSI Framework.

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  • Thick & Easy Product Training

    These videos are here to help guide you through our Thick & Easy® product line.

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  • Video Series

    IDDSI Youtube channel features informative videos for simple modified texture food preparation and testing according to IDDSI standards

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  • Free CPE Training

    We are excited to support Becky Dorner & Associates in offering free Continual Professional Education and a certificate for the courses “International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative: The WHO, WHY, WHAT & HOW” and “IDDSI: Teamwork From Regulatory Requirements to Successful Implementation.” To sign up, visit:

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