Video Training Series

Hormel Health Labs supports the IDDSI Framework in the standardization of testing methods for those preparing pureed foods and thickened beverages.

IDDSI standards for Food preparation and testing

The IDDSI framework allows for ease and accuracy in ensuring the dietary needs of patients are being met. Their official Youtube channel features informative videos for simple modified texture food preparation and testing according to IDDSI standards:

IDDSI Flow Test Instructions
IDDSI Flow Test – Level 1
IDDSI Flow Test – Level 2
IDDSI Flow Test – Level 3
IDDSI Flow Test – Level 4
IDDSI Flow Test Comparison Levels 1 – 3
Level 3 Liquidised Seasame Soup
Level 3 Liquidised Bean Soup
Level 4 Pureed Ketchup
Level 5 Minced & Moist Rice
Level 5 Minced & Moist Smashed Potatoes
Level 5 Minced & Moist Sandwich
Transitional Foods Cheetos