Thick & Easy® Product Training

We know the importance of meal preparation for those with swallowing difficulties. We’re here to help guide you through our Thick & Easy® product line.

Dysphagia & the caregiver Thick & Easy® Training

About Our Host

Jen Haugen, RDN, LD, is a mom and dietitian who helps others with time-saving tips, tools, and tasty recipes. She is the author of The Mom’s Guide to a Nourishing Garden, is a Director and Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef, and is a nutrition consultant and nationally-recognized speaker.

Thick & Easy® Clear Thickener
Thick & Easy® Instant Food Thickener
Thick & Easy® Shape and Serve
Thick & Easy® Bread and Dessert Mix
Thick & Easy® Pasta
Thick & Easy® Pureed Rice
Thick & Easy® Shaped Pureed Breakfasts
Thick & Easy® Shaped Fruit
Thick & Easy® Shaped Meat
Thick & Easy® Shaped Vegetables
Thick & Easy® Pasta & Rice: IDDSI Level 4
Thick & Easy® Level 5 Meats Preparation