Disaster Planning for Your Foodservice Facility

Disaster can strike at any time—is your facility prepared?

When a natural disaster hits your facility, it’s important that you’re prepared. Unexpected circumstances can throw a wrench into the normal operations of facilities that haven’t planned in advance. Get some tips to make sure you, your staff, and your facility are ready for anything, and learn about our solutions to make sure your foodservice operation can operate under emergency situations.

Tips for Disaster Planning

  • In the event of loss of water services, ensure you have up to a week’s worth of emergency water supply that can be used for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and food preparation.
  • Monitor refrigeration and freezer temperatures and take action as needed.
  • Keep a stockpile of easily-accessible, shelf-stable meals.
  • Consider creating a 3-day “emergency plan” menu.
  • With menus potentially changing drastically in the midst of a disaster, ensure foodservice staff follow all directions and communicate needs effectively.
  • Prior to any disaster occurring, make sure you and your staff are familiar with your facility’s emergency plan.

For a comprehensive disaster plan review, check out Becky Dorner & Associates’ Emergency/Disaster Plan for Food and Dining Services book.

Our Shelf-Stable Solutions

  • Bottle of Thick & Easy Hydrolyte

    Thick & Easy® HYDROLYTE™ Thickened Water

    Our thickened water, along with our other varieties of Thick & Easy® Clear Drinks, are shelf-stable for up to a year and ensure your patients with dysphagia will have a adequate ways to remain hydrated.

  • Thick & Easy® Pureed Meals

    Thick & Easy® Pureed Meals

    Our 6 nutritious varieties of pureed meals require no refrigeration for storage, and can be prepared in just 60 seconds with a microwave.

  • Thick & Easy® Dairy Drinks

    Thick & Easy® Dairy Drinks

    These shelf-stable dairy drinks, available in both IDDSI Levels 2 and 3, will ensure that your residents are able to get all the benefits of dairy products, no matter what disaster may occur.

  • Hormel Vital Cuisine® 500 Shakes

    500 Shakes offer 22g of protein and 520 calories in just an 8oz serving size. They’re shelf-stable and feature a resealable container for convenient service.