Introducing Reformulated Thick & Easy® Shaped Purees

Thick & Easy pureed vegetables on white plate

We know how much you care about your patients, and how important it is to deliver them proper and consistent nutrition. That’s why we’ve reformulated many of our Thick & Easy® Shaped Purees to deliver a better experience for your patients, and increased confidence for you and your staff. The new benefits of the reformulation include:

  • Fewer allergens to ease menu planning and lessen the frequency of patient complications.
  • Softer textures that align better with IDDSI diets.
  • Simplified ingredient statements that improve taste and sustainability.

New Thick & Easy® Shaped Purees aren’t just easier for your patients to enjoy, they look better on the plate, too. We’ve kept the benefits that made your patients love Thick & Easy® Shaped Purees in the first place, but we’ve made some improvements. The changes may be slightly different for each item, but you may notice that calorie levels have increased, sodium levels have been reduced or remain the same, and we’re now using a quality non-allergen plant protein blend. Preparation is still remarkably easy and your patients will continue to enjoy the flavor that they’ve come to know and love.

Over the next couple of months, you’ll see the new Thick & Easy® Shaped Purees starting to ship. Below are estimated dates for when each of the varieties is expected to start shipping to distributors:

  • Pureed Corn: Now Shipping
  • Pureed Peas: Now Shipping
  • Pureed Roast Turkey: Now Shipping
  • Pureed Carrots: Now Shipping
  • Pureed Roast Beef: Now Shipping
  • Pureed Broccoli: Now Shipping
  • Pureed Roast Chicken: Now Shipping
  • Pureed Green Beans: Now Shipping
  • Pureed Roast Pork: Now Shipping

If you have any questions about the new formulation, don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales reps.