Dysphagia Products Available at Discount Drug Mart!

Assortment of Thick & Easy® products available at Discount Drug Mart

Learn where to find some of your favorite dysphagia products in stores across Ohio.

We’re excited to announce that Hormel Health Labs dysphagia products are now available at all Discount Drug Mart stores across Ohio! Our Thick & Easy® products are crafted by experts to look and taste great and have the proper consistency every time to ensure a safe, delicious dining experience. Now, you can have a convenient option for shopping in-person and getting your favorite dysphagia products right away. Find a Discount Drug Mart near you to start shopping today!

Products you can find in-store include:

  • Thick & Easy® Hydrolyte® Water: Quench your thirst and stay hydrated with Thick & Easy® Hydrolyte® Thickened Water! Availabe in IDDSI Levels 2 (nectar) & 3 (honey).
  • Thick & Easy® Pureed Meals: Thick & Easy Pureed Meals are a tasty solution for individuals with swallowing difficulties. Enjoy nutrient-rich, ready-to-eat meals that make mealtimes stress-free and satisfying. You can find 2 varieties in store—Roasted Chicken and Roasted Turkey.
  • Thick & Easy® Dairy Drinks: Make every sip a delightful experience with Thick & Easy® Dairy Drinks! Our dairy drinks are a convenient solution for those with swallowing difficulties and are packed with rich flavor and nutritional benefits. In-store varieties are available for both IDDSI Levels 2 (nectar) and 3 (honey).
  • Hormel Vital Cuisine® 500 Shakes: Looking to add more calories and protein to your diet? Hormel Vital Cuisine® 500 Shakes feature over 500 calories and 22g of protein in just an 8.45oz serving size and meet IDDSI Level 2 (nectar) consistency when served refrigerated.
  • Thick & Easy® Instant Food & Beverage Thickener: Instantly thicken up all varieties of hot and cold foods and liquids without affecting the taste. The powder blends quickly and smoothly, and a scoop is included in every canister along with mixing directions to thicken varying quantities of liquids.
  • Thick & Easy® Clear Thickener: Create clear and appetizing dysphagia-friendly foods and drinks with Thick & Easy® Clear Thickener. The thickener is transparent and tasteless so it won’t affect the flavor of your foods and drinks, and features limited calorie and carbohydrate content, making it suitable for weight and carbohydrate controlled diets.