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For Canada Guides & Product Documents

  • Hormel Health Labs Canadian product guide

    Hormel Health Labs Product Guide - Canada

    Download Guide [PDF]
  • Thick and Easy clear POS cover

    Thick & Easy® Clear Thickener

    Download [PDF]
  • Thick & Easy® Clear Bulk Thickener Mixing Chart

    Download [PDF]
  • Thick & Easy® Clear Sticks Thickener Mixing Chart

    Download [PDF]
  • Thick & Easy™ Texture Modified Bread & Dessert Mix

    Download [PDF]
  • Thick & Easy™ Thickened Dairy Beverage

    Download [PDF]
  • Thick & Easy® Shaped Pureed Waffle Preparation & Cooking Instructions

    Download [PDF]
  • Thick & Easy® Clear Coffee Sticks

    Download [PDF]
  • Thick and Easy beverage POS cover

    Thick & Easy® Thickened Beverage POS

    Download [PDF]
  • Dysphagia and malnutrition POS cover

    Dysphagia & Malnutrition POS

    Download [PDF]
  • Magic cup POS cover

    Magic Cup® Dessert POS

  • Tray solutions POS cover

    Tray Service Solutions POS

    Download [PDF]

    Download [PDF]
  • HORMEL VITAL CUISINE® Nutritional Juice Drink POS

    Download [PDF]
  • Thick & Easy® Pureed Waffles Preparation Guide

    Learn how you can make dysphagia-friendly Thick & Easy® Pureed Waffles in just minutes!

    Watch Video
  • Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks Preparation Guide

    Learn how to make decaffeinated dysphagia-friendly coffee in just 3 simple steps.

    Watch Video
  • Dysphagia-Friendly No Bake Brownie Recipe

    Learn how to make this simple dysphagia diet dessert using Thick & Easy® Texture Modified Bread & Dessert Mix.

    Watch Video

Training Resources

  • In-Service Training Series: IDDSI Testing

    This FREE series of training videos is designed to help in-service staff gain the skills needed to understand and adopt effective testing and analysis of food and liquids according to the IDDSI Framework.

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