Creamy, Old-fashioned Milk Shake Flavors

Given how they are so packed with protein and calories, PLUS-2® products are ideal for medication pass programs, and are favorites of dietitians and patients alike.

Young woman holding Plus-2 Maple Nut flavored beverage

About PLUS-2™ Products

PLUS-2™ products are a line of creamy milk-based beverages designed to help combat involuntary weight loss and the side effects that come with it. Each beverage comes packed with protein needed to maintain or gain weight, with 18g per cup.


PLUS-2™ products are absolutely delicious! They are formulated with creamy dairy proteins designed to add calories and protein to the diets of those who are not eating enough food. PLUS-2™ products have a food first philosophy and this innovative product offers a simple ingredient statement but delivers a powerful nutritional intervention. Packaged to be poured into 2oz portions as part of a medication pass program or served in 4oz portions as a between-meal snack.


  • Five delicious soda fountain flavors
  • Great creamy ice cream-like taste
  • Nutrient dense


  • Great flavor improves consumption
  • Ideal intervention for unintended weight loss