Healthy Shot® Protein Beverage Supplement Tube Feeding


  • 72855 – HEALTHY SHOT® Double Protein NSA Peach Protein Beverage Supplement 2.5oz (74ml)

Directions for use:

  1. Feeding tubes should be flushed prior to administration. Flush the feeding tube with 30 ml water.
  2. Measure and administer 74ml of HEALTHY SHOT® Protein Beverage Supplement via syringe.
  3. HEALTHY SHOT® product should not be mixed directly with the tube feeding formula.
  4. Administer HEALTHY SHOT® product as you would a medication, directly into the resident’s feeding tube.
  5. Following administration of HEALTHY SHOT® product, flush the feeding tube with 30 ml of water.
  6. Continue feeding as prescribed

Medicare HCPCS Number: B-4155