Dysphagia / Swallowing Difficulties

We’re here to help you understand and overcome swallowing challenges.

Swallowing difficulties, also known as dysphagia, affect people of all ages. Every year, about 1 in every 25 adults experience difficulty swallowing, including an estimated 40% of adults in nursing homes, and up to 22% of adults over 50. Source.

Not being able to eat or drink normally can be a real setback to someone’s health and well being. So the team at Hormel Health Labs are devoted to doing our best to help.

Our THICK & EASY® brand products are created by expert chefs, dietitians and food scientists who understand dysphagia, taste and the importance of food. Through our THICK & EASY® brand and other products, our determined team is proud to be leading the way to a more enjoyable, nutritious and convenient eating experience for millions with dysphagia.