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What is the definition of clear and full liquids?

These definitions are from the: Manual of Clinical Nutrition 2000, Twin Cities District Dietetic Association.

Clear liquids are those foods that are liquid at body temperature; which leave little residue or no residue; and may be absorbed easily with minimal digestive activity. Examples of clear liquids are: water, clear bouillon, broth, strained fruit and vegetable juices, flavored gelatin, ices, popsicles, coffee, and tea.

Full liquids are those foods that are liquid or will become liquid at body temperature; provides easily-absorbed nourishment with very little stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract. Examples of full liquids are: milk, milk based beverages, custard, tapioca, plain ice cream, sherbet, pudding, strained cream soup, eggnog, cooked cereals.

What is the code date explanation and shelf life of each product?

For your convenience we have code dating explanations available for all of our products. Click here to view Code Dates

How much iodine in a Healthy Shot?

We do not add any iodine but we do not test for trace amounts that may come with ingredients. This is true for Vitamin K.

Could Magic Cups be considered a “fluid” for those who have fluid restrictions?

There is 72ML of water per 4 oz serving.

How much Vitamin K is in Magic Cups and Mighty Shakes?

6 - 11 mcg per 4 oz. for Mighty Shakes

7 mcg for Magic Cups

Are Thick N Easy pureed foods fully cooked?

Yes – just reheat to 165 or 175 degrees.

How to Thicken Healthy Shot with Thick & Easy­ Clear

Thickened with T&E Clear allowing 10 minutes to thicken: 

- 1.5 level scoops IDDSI Level 2; Nectar consistency 

- 2.5 level scoops IDDSI Level 3; Honey consistency 

Thickened with T&E Instant Starch allowing 5-10 minutes to thicken: 

- 3 tsp or 1 Tbsp IDDSI Level 2; Nectar consistency 

- 4.5 tsp or 1.5 Tbsp IDDSI Level 3; Honey consistency