Fortify Your Diet with Cookies!

hormel vital cuisine 206 cookies on a plate

Challenged by cancer treatment, recovery, or malnutrition? Hormel Vital Cuisine® 206® Cookies offer important calories and protein to help fortify your diet.

For nutritionally at-risk geriatric and pediatric patients, Hormel Vital Cuisine® 206® Cookies offer an efficient way to add calories and protein to your diet in a snack packed with flavor.

Each cookie offers 200 calories and 6 grams of protein in just a single serving size, ideal for those who are struggling with loss of appetite. These treats are available in four delicious varieties; Apple-Filled, Chocolate Chip, Raspberry-Filled and Sugar-Free Lemon. You can store frozen, and simply thaw and serve!

Try Hormel Vital Cuisine™ Cookies

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