Plus-2 Nutritional Supplement Usage Guide

Nutritional Supplement Usage Guidelines

Purpose: To provide the individual resident additional supplementation if the need exists to promote weight maintenance or gain and to promote skin integrity.

Protocol for PLUS-2® Protein Energy Shake During Medication Passes:

  • Obtain physician’s order for PLUS-2® Protein Energy Shake, 60cc (2 oz.) QID.
  • Transfer order to resident’s medical record.
  • Store PLUS-2® Protein Energy Shake under refrigeration on the nursing unit. Store any unused portion in the refrigerator and discard after 10 days.
  • Dispense the PLUS-2® Protein Energy Shake during med pass and other times as necessary. Give 60cc (2 oz.) in a granulated medication cup. Discard after four hours at room temperature.
  • Provide extra water, alternative juice, or drink beverage to prevent dehydration dependent upon patient’s condition or diagnosis.
  • Document amount of PLUS-2® Protein Energy Shake consumed by resident in resident’s medication record. Also record for fluid intake if applicable.
  • The resident should be weighed monthly or as noted in the resident’s medical record (e.g. daily, bi-weekly, etc.). Weight changes should be monitored as part of the on-going nutritional assessment.

Criteria for Assessing the Need for PLUS-2® Protein Energy Shake:

  • Weight loss x 30 days, -7.5% x 3 months, -10% x 180 days
  • Unplanned, progressive weight loss
  • Decubiti. Skin breakdown
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Increased metabolic need such as severe trauma, burns, infection, recent fractures or surgery
  • Low serum albumin (<3.5)
  • Cancer and radiation or chemotherapy
  • HIV or AIDS