In-Service Training Series: Videos & Information

Please take advantage of the videos and supplemental material on this page to further your IDDSI expertise.

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Free IDDSI Test Kits

We offer complimentary IDDSI food and beverage test-kits via mail. These include:

  1. (2) Full IDDSI Framework Posters
  2. (5) Pocket Guides with IDDSI testing techniques to be shared with participants in meal preparation and planning
  3. Usage tips and observations for maintaining IDDSI levels from the kitchen to time of service
  4. Complete list of training resources
  5. (5) syringes for testing beverages

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Video Series: IDDSI Testing

1. IDDSI: What’s it all about? Why do we need to change?

Download Supplementary Handout

2. IDDSI: Testing measures for food quality control and safety

Download Supplementary Handout

3. IDDSI: Testing measures for beverage quality control and safety

Download Supplementary Handout

4. IDDSI: How does IDDSI work in the real world? Preparing food and drinks

Download Supplementary Handout