Master Resource List

For IDDSI Competencies

General Information:

Hormel Health Labs

Becky Dorner & Associates


IDDSI Resources Page


Simply Request Access to view the free Video Training series and Handouts:

Training Video 1 and Handout

Training Video 2 and Handout

IDDSI Food Testing Videos

Training Video 3 and Handout

Training Video 4 and Handout

Training Video 5 and Handout

IDDSI Detailed Descriptions and Visuals for Reference:

What Is Dysphagia and How Can We Help? Video[BD1]

Complete Framework

Consumer Handouts

Testing Methods

Flow Test Video

Evidence Statement

Mapping to IDDSI [BD2]


Flow Test Card

Food Test Cards

Reference Cards

IDDSI Framework: Translation Resources


Audit Tools Levels 0-3

Audit Tool Level 4 Puree

Audit Tool Level 4 Extremely Thick

Audit Tool Level 5

Audit Tool Level 6

Audit Tool Level 7

Product Labeling Resources


Diet and Nutrition Care Manual Purchasing Page

IDDSI General Knowledge Quiz [BD3]

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