Competency Tier 1 – Basic

Steps and documents to complete the Tier 1 – Basic Level Competency

Who is this for?

Competency training for individuals NOT preparing or serving IDDSI foods/drinks.

May be appropriate for:

  • administrator
  • patient/resident/family
  • PT/OT
  • social services
  • non-direct care staff

Steps to Competency Completion

Scoring Sheet:

Reviewer should use this scoring sheet to evaluate Tier 1 Basic Level trainees (participants).

Scoring Sheet – PDF

Step 1

Watch: What is Dysphagia and How Can We Help?

Step 2

Review: IDDSI Complete Framework – PDF

Step 3

Watch: IDDSI Training Series Video – Webinar 1

Review: Webinar Video 1 Handout – PDF

Step 4

Review: IDDSI Consumer Handouts

Step 5

Complete: IDDSI Introductory Quiz – PDF

For Champions: