Code Date

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Code Dating Explanations For All Product Categories
Thick & Easy® 4 oz. and 48 oz. Thickened Juices and FiberBasics® 48 oz. Fruit Juices
Thick & Easy® Thickened Milk & Med Pass®
Thick & Easy® Thickened Milk & Med Pass® Home Care
Cliffdale Farms™ Pureed Bakes
Thick & Easy® Shaped Meats, Thick & Easy® Shaped Vegetables, Thick & Easy® Shaped Fruits, Thick & Easy® Shaped Breakfast
Thick & Easy® Thickener, Thick & Easy® Thickened Tea, Thick & Easy® Thickened Coffee, Sinfree® Cakes, Shape & Serve®, NutraThik™, Hormel Solutions™ Reduced Calorie Instant Breakfast, Thick & Easy® Rice, Thick & Easy® Pasta, FiberBasics® Instant Soluble Fiber, ProPass®, Herb Ox® Seasonings 
Thick & Easy® Thickener - International 
Thick & Easy® Clear Instant Food & Beverage Thickener - Packets
Plus 2™
Hormel Solutions™ 206® Cookies
Hormel Solutions™ Instant Breakfast, Hormel Solutions™ Egg Nog Mix, Hormel Solutions™ Super Milk Shakes, Hormel Solutions™ Instant Pudding, Sin Free® Pudding & Custard Mix, Hormel Solutions™ Custards, Herb Ox® High Protein Broth, Herb Ox® Soups, Herb Ox® Sauces, & Herb Ox® Gravies
Mighty Shakes®
Great Shake™ & Hormel Solutions™ Nutritional Juice Drinks
Magic Cup®
L-Emental® & Hepatic Aid
L-Emental® Arginine Drink Mixes
Sin Free® Sorbet & Hormel Solution™ RTS Custard
Menu Magic®
Thick & Easy® Bulk Vegetables
FiberBasics® Fruit Fiber Mix
HEALTHY SHOT® 20 fl.oz. and 2.5 fl.oz. High Protein and Double Protein Beverages
THICK & EASY® Puree 7/7 oz.