• What Are the Symptoms of Malnutrition?

    General malnutrition often develops slowly, over months or years. As the body's stores of nutrients are depleted, changes begin to happen at the cellular level and biochemical processes are affected. Symptoms do vary with the specific malnutrition-related disorder.

    Early symptoms include fatigue, irritability, and lethargy. As protein deprivation continues, growth failure, loss of muscle mass, generalized swelling (edema), and decreased immunity occur.

  • What Can Cause Malnutrition?

    As you age your body is often less able to absorb nutrients. It is often less able to absorb nutrients. This is due in part to decreased stomach acid production and one or more ailments that may affect your nutritional status.

  • How Big Is the Problem of Malnutrition?

    • It is estimated that up to 15 percent of community-dwelling and ambulatory aging adults are malnourished.
    • It is estimated that up to 44 percent of home bound patients are malnourished.
    • Malnutrition affects one in four aging adults.
    • Protein-energy malnutrition occurs in 50 percent of surgical patients.
    • Protein-energy malnutrition occurs in 48 percent of hospital patients.
  • THICK & EASY® Products: Making Swallowing Easier

    Now it's easy to find nutritious, flavorful foods with the right texture for a modified diet. Hormel Health Labs continues to expand its product line to offer the most extensive group of products for individuals with swallowing disorders, known as dysphagia. No one else in the world offers such a broad product line to treat dysphagia. From purees to thickened beverages and everything in between, we've got you covered! Continue reading

  • Swallowing Disorders

    Imagine never being able to eat your favorite foods. Never again enjoying a chicken dinner, a hot dog … or even that first cup of coffee in the morning. That is what a multitude of people face each year; people who suffer from some degree of swallowing impairment, or dysphagia. The effects can be devastating, emotionally and nutritionally. And when a patient stops eating, or eats food not properly prepared it can even be life threatening. Continue reading

  • What is Normal Swallowing?

    Drinking a glass of water, eating a candy bar or sitting down to a good meal are very pleasurable activities. They are so automatic we take them for granted. We also take for granted the pleasure we get from the tastes and textures of the foods we eat. Normal swallowing of food and liquid requires coordination of a large number of muscles in the mouth, throat (pharynx) and esophagus (a tube that leads from the pharynx to the stomach). Difficulty with swallowing is called dysphagia. Continue reading

  • It Takes More Than Sweat

    BY ADAM KORZUN, MS,RD CERTIFIED SPECIALIST SPORTS DIETETICS, US SKI AND SNOWBOARD TEAM Take it from Adam Korzun, MS, RD, Certified Specialist Sports Dietetics, US Ski and Snowboard Team; HEALTHY SHOT® beverages are a convenient yet delicious way to serve up high quality protein. Athletes only have about 30 minutes after they work out to consume the much needed protein. HEALTHY SHOT® beverages are only 2.5oz and are easy to drink on the run. HEALTHY SHOT® protein help athletes build and maintain muscle mass needed for flying down the hill at 60 MPH. I always impress on the team...that proper nutrition after a work out is just as important as the workout takes more than sweat! HEALTHY SHOT® beverages are a good option because they are so convenient and delivers 100 percent of all of the essential amino acids that the body needs.

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