Quality Information

Hormel Health Labs takes pride in offering the highest quality products in our industry. Quality is not just a "buzz word" within our organization; it is a mission that everyone is involved in. From production to sales and everyone in between, every detail is attended to. Our mission is to supply defect-free products and services, which conform to clearly defined requirements to meet the needs of our customers, employees and others we serve.

The process of fulfilling this mission begins before we ever produce a single item. All of our ingredients and supplies are constantly evaluated to insure that they meet our specifications. Products are then produced under highly controlled and monitored settings and tested to verify that the specifications were met. Our corporate staff double-checks all products yet again to be sure that everything is correct. Nothing is overlooked - from the product’s look and flavor to the corrugated box. Only then are products ready to be distributed to our customers. We go through these great lengths to insure that when you receive a product bearing the Hormel Health Labs logo, you will be satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us.