Our Company

Hormel Health Labs is a subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corporation. Hormel Health Labs is proud to offer foods, beverages and specialty items to the healthcare market both to facilities and now to those at home. We are committed to provide great tasting, innovative products to those individuals who have special dietary needs.

Hormel Health Labs is comprised of dedicated men and women who are passionate about their profession yet compassionate for the people that we serve. Our mission is simple–Provide great tasting, cost effective foods that meet the special dietary needs for which they are designed. Our slogan is "Bridging the Gap Between Function and Flavor™". Every one of our products is formulated to provide the nutrition that you'd expect in a taste profile that you may not. Product development teams are comprised of scientists and technologists working along side dietitians. One taste will tell you why this approach makes a difference.

Two of our major segments are for those with 1) swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) and 2) those at risk of malnutrition. We offer a broad line of products to allow those individuals with swallowing difficulties to enjoy their favorite foods and beverages. And for those at or nearing malnutrition, we have a wide variety of highly fortified nutritional food and beverages to meet their nutritional needs.

At Hormel Health Labs, our attention to detail means that we do things right–the first time! Our focus on training means that our customer service personnel are comprised of educated professionals that offer solutions not more confusion. Our commitment to quality means that the products that you buy from us today will not vary from the ones that you purchased last week. Our investment in customer service means that if you have a question, you'll get a prompt answer. Quite simply, Hormel Health Labs delivers!