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Easier, more appealing, and safer for swallowing - Three easy reasons why Hormel Health Labs' THICK & EASY® Food & Beverage Thickeners are the products of choice used by thousands of healthcare facilities for their swallowing impaired patients. Our thickeners are so versatile that it is now possible to thicken all types of hot & cold foods, liquids and supplement drinks without affecting the taste. Simply add our specially formulated thickeners to your desired food or liquid, and almost instantly, they become the proper consistency for safe swallowing. Patients with dysphagia can enjoy tasty, nourishing foods, while maintaining a properly hydrated and healthy nutritional status.

Our Products:

  • NEW THICK & EASY® Clear Instant Food & Beverage Thickener - A patent pending optimal blend of thickeners that creates a CLEAR, lump free dispersion.  It has limited calorie and carbohydrate content making it suitable for a variety of diets.  The thickened beverage remains at the appropriate consistency for the duration of consumption and is not dependent on the temperature of the beverage.  Make the CLEAR choice.
  • THICK & EASY® Instant Food & Beverage Thickener
  • THICK & EASY® Plus Fortified Instant Food & Beverage Thickener - provides the convenience and swallowing benefits of Thick & Easy® Instant Food Thickener plus 18 essential vitamins and minerals. One tablespoon provides 10% of most nutrients
  • SHAPE & SERVE® Thickener For Shaping and Texture- provides shape and texture to foods while enhancing the natural flavor of foods


Creating Eye Appeal with SHAPE & SERVE® Thickener For Shaping and Texture

Add variety to your meals by following product preparation instructions as you try shaping ideas such as:

Squares, Cubes, Sticks, or Triangles - Once foods processed with
Shape & Serve® Thickener For Shaping and Texture are cooked and portioned, portions may be further cut to create shapes. Cut a sandwich square into two triangles, a fish square into 3 fish sticks, or a beef square into beef cubes.

Wedges - Cook mixture in a pie or cake pan, then slice into wedge shaped portions to make appetizing pizza pies, quiches, casseroles, or vegetable side dishes.

Layers - Process food items separately and layer them in a loaf or half steamtable pan for a beautiful layered slice or square. Great for lasagna, sandwiches, or vegetables such as peas and carrots.

Rounds - Create a variety of shapes by cooking foods with
SHAPE & SERVE® Thickener For Shaping and Texture in regular muffin tins or "Texas" sized muffin tins. Create individual omelets, meat pies, or vegetable soufflés. Use swirling or layering for a unique effect.

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