Pureed Vegetables

Hormel Health Labs is proud to present THICK & EASY® Pureed Vegetables. The look, taste, and aroma of fresh vegetables with only minutes of preparation. Creating appetizing meals is easier than ever with THICK & EASY® Pureed Vegetables. Serve a healthful variety of foods, all for just pennies per patient when averaged across your census.

THICK & EASY® Pureed Vegetables are available in two convenient packaging options to meet your every need. We offer a pre-formed, individual serving size, or you may choose the bulk, boil-in-bag package. Each case of individual servings delivers 24 "single serve" units to offer flexibility in preparation. Both packaging options offer the same reliable, smooth consistency for safer swallowing and 100% yield.

Eliminate the problem of water separation by utilizing THICK & EASY® Pureed Vegetables. Your patients will eat more; reducing the need for supplementation. You'll save labor and time while improving your kitchen staff's productivity and decreasing patient complaints.

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