Our approach is simple; the better food tastes, the better your patients will eat. This leads to a higher quality of care, lower food costs, greater patient satisfaction and a marketable difference for your meal program. The critical difference is flavor. Hormel Health Labs brings you more flavorful, nutritious, and functional foods.

Hormel Health Labs continues to expand its product line to offer the most extensive group of products for individuals with swallowing disorders, known as Dysphagia. No one else in the world offers such a broad product line to treat dysphagia. From purees to thickened beverages and everything in between, we've got you covered!

Hormel Health Labs also offers a complete line-up of products to treat Malnutrition. Whether you're looking for shelf stable, frozen, fortified or non-fortified, dairy or non-dairy, Hormel Health Labs has the solution for you.

In addition to dysphagia and malnutrition, Hormel Health Labs provides hundreds of other quality products designed for individuals with increased Fiber demands, Diabetes, Specialized Nutrition, and general Nutritional Items too.

Our product line is broken down into several categories. Select a category at the right to view the products.