DMA Scholarship Award Recipients

Congratulations to the winners of the 2007 DMA Scholarships!  We had an excellent response.  It is exciting to seeing the enthusiasm in the industry.   Hormel Health Labs is honored to support the Dietary Managers of the future by helping to further the education of these truly dedicated professionals.  Best of luck to you all in your educational programs! 


Not listed in any particular order

1. Tammy Warden, Enid, OK

2. Kathy Warriner, Center, NE

3. Sylvia Stafford, Ringgold, LA

4. Tommie Chesser, Fremont, OH

5. Michelle M. Wharton, Lockwood, MO

6. Angela Stefan, Wakeeney, KS

7. Victoria (Torey) Jones, Walsh, CO

8. David Simon, Humble, TX

9. Cheryl Marie Thomas, Newark, DE

10. Brenda Burnosky, Johnstown, PA

Please feel free to call or email Yvette with questions (912-651-4806) or